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The Power of the Warrior, and Other Ponderings from WWE Raw

By Rob Siebert
Editor, Fanboy Wonder

As everyone knows by now, last Tuesday we lost the Ultimate Warrior to a heart attack. This week, WWE celebrated the life of the man born as Jim Hellwig with a tribute show. As a long time wrestling fan, I can tell you I’ve seen far too many of these tribute shows…

As someone who owns The Self Destruction of The Ultimate Warrior, there’s definitely a certain surreal quality to seeing Hulk Hogan and Triple H praise Warrior, after seeing them tear him down on that DVD. But of course, it’s obviously great they buried the hatchet after all these years.

My heartfelt condolences go out to Warrior’s wife and children. What should have been an amazing week for them turned into an awful one , in literally the most tragic way possible. Perhaps the only solace they can take in this, aside from the fact that Warrior loved them very much, is that before he went, he was able to put smiles on his fans’ faces one last time.

Thoughts From WWE Raw:

Stephanie McMahon sends Kane after Daniel Bryan. I don’t like this. Nothing against Kane, and Lord knows he’s got enough history with Bryan to justify a feud, but this should not be Bryan’s Extreme Rules program. That’s not a main event level feud. For my money, Kane has Batista’s job. Batista tapped out at Wrestlemania. Batista’s the guy with something to prove. Batista should be the one facing Bryan in some kind of gimmick match. But instead…

Evolution re-forms to attack The Shield. I don’t necessarily have a problem with Evolution re-forming. I just don’t know if now was the right time. Maybe after a Batista loss to Bryan at Extreme Rules, or something. It just seems like The Shield stands to benefit from Extreme Rules much more than Bryan does. Mind you, Bryan is the WWE Heavyweight Champion, so it’s not like he’s fading into obscurity. I just think Kane is a very weak choice for his first title defense.

WWE starts tournament to crown #1 contender for Intercontinental Championship. Given that he’s riding the momentum from Wrestlemania, I don’t see how the winner of this tournament could be anyone but Cesaro. I imagine he’ll subsequently defeat Big E. at Extreme Rules, and walk away with the gold.

Cesaro def. Mark Henry. Despite clearly heading down a babyface road, having aligned with Paul Heyman, Cesaro has apparently made an abrupt U-turn, and stayed heel. This week, Heyman did a great job taking the wind out of the sails of those who might cheer for Cesaro. I can only assume Heyman will, at least for the foreseeable future, be acting as Cesaro’s version of Ricardo Rodriguez. That’s not only a great way to make sure Cesaro stays a bad guy, but it’s a great excuse for Heyman to keep hitting it out of the park on the mic.

Sheamus def. Jack Swagger. So…because Cesaro is still a heel, I suppose that means Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter are simply moving on. That’s a little bit of a disappointment, considering we not only had all that build up, but Swagger and Cesaro could have undoubtedly had a great pay per view match. But hey, at least he had a solid match with Sheamus this week.

Bray Wyatt invites John Cena to “Come out and play.” Once Cena started with the comedy stuff, I KNEW the Photoshop bits were coming. But on the plus side, Bray Wyatt was successfully able to transfer is promos from the ‘tron to the ring, with a greater intensity and articulation than we’ve ever seen from him in front of a live audience. He’s getting better. Imagine how good he’ll be in a year…

Paige def. Alicia Fox. Can we give Paige a last name? And how about Emma, while we’re at it? And Lana? It almost seems sexist to simply call women by their first names (Sheamus notwithstanding). Incidentally, that kick Paige gave to Alicia Fox sounded nasty. As in, made me look up from my computer and actually pay attention to the match, nasty. I’m not as prone to do that when certain other girls are in the ring. And DAMN…what was that finisher called? A “modified scorpion cross lock?” Either way, it looks awesome. Paige is off to a nice start.

Speaking of Lana… I’m actually pretty partial to Lana, as opposed to Alexander Rusev. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, his face just kills the whole “Bulgarian Brute” thing for me.

Vignettes continue to air for Bo Dallas. Until this week, I hadn’t seen much of Bo Dallas’ work on NXT. But I caught a little of his “Occupy NXT” segment, and I really enjoyed what I saw. This “Bolieve” thing sounds like a real heat magnet. I’m anxious to see  how he’s changed since we last saw him on the main roster.

Fandango & Layla def. Santino Marella & Emma. Layla is a good parter for Fandango. It makes great use of her dancing talents, and more importantly, it casts her in a heel role. Her voice is so damn grating that I find her impossible to cheer for in almost any capacity.

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A Game of Thrones, S4E2 Review – Don’t Get Married On This Show…

By Seth Miller
Staff Writer, Fanboy Wonder

Thoughts From Game of Thrones, S4E2:

- JOFFREY’S DEAD!!!  This is the complete reversal of “The Red Wedding.” It is moment of pure television bliss that happens once every few years, and makes everything a little better. Go out, hug a friend or family member, dance for joy, raise a glass, and celebrate this joyous moment!

- But back to the rest of the show, we get to catch up with…JOFFREY’S REALLY DEAD!  I’m sorry, but this is the best thing that has happened on this show so far. I am running out of ways to express my joy so I will finish with a hearty WOOOOOOHOOOOO!

- Getting back to the recap for real, we start off by visiting the man who will surely replace Joffrey as the most hated man on the show, Ramsay Snow. Ramsay is out in the woods hunting down a woman because his girlfriend was jealous of her looks. But his father, Roose Bolton who is fresh off the ultimate dick move at “The Red Wedding,” quickly brings him down to. At Ramsay’s side the entire time is Theon Greyjoy, who is so broken that he doesn’t even take a chance to kill Ramsay when he has a razor to his throat. Now the Boltons know that Bran and Rickon Stark are alive and they will be hunting for them. Ramsay has become more than a replacement for Joffrey, he is worse than Joffrey. Joffrey was psychopath, but he was dumber than a bag of hammers.  Ramsay is also psychopath, but he has enough intelligence to psychologically break someone and how to make his insanity useful for his father’s cause. Joffrey is dead, but someone far worse has replaced him.

- In this time of villainy, the people of Westeros need heroes who challenge those in power. With that in mind, Stannis Baratheon is moving forward to take the Iron Throne. He may not be the most noble man on the show, but he is better than some of the others… and there he goes burning people alive.  Stannis has gone full on fanatic, and is burning anybody who he thinks is his enemy or won’t reject the religions of Westeros, this includes his brother-in-law. While all this is happening, Melisandre is smiling with delight at the proceedings. Stannis is embracing the Lord of Light, but the scene at dinner with Melisandre and his wife shows that even he is starting to grow tired of this religion. Melisandre is asked to explain her faith to Stannis’ daughter, and we learn there is a god of light and a god of darkness. She says there is no hell, other than the life everybody is living in now. From Melisandre’s perspective, anyone she kills is going to heaven, and that helps explain how she can do some of the things she does. It is also refreshing to see Stannis starting to get tired of his chosen religion. Perhaps we will see him start to break away from Melisandre as the season goes on.

- Bran Stark is continuing his quest, but he may be losing his grip on reality. He is spending more time being in the mind of his direwolf, and he is starting to get his life as a human mixed up with his life as a direwolf. To be fair, if anyone of us was in Bran’s position it would be tempting to stay a direwolf. On the plus side, it looks like we are getting some plot development in terms of what is going on with the White Walkers.

- Jaime is still working on being a swordsman again, but he can’t get the hang of using his left hand. Tyrion advises Jaime to use Bronn as a sparring partner, and we get my second favorite scene of the episode. I really hope we get a scene between these two for every one of the remaining episodes this seasons.

- Tyrion is still being beat down by almost everybody in this episode. Varys tells Tyrion that his father knows about Shae, which means her life is truly in danger. This leads to Tyrion doing what is possibly the dumbest thing he has ever done. Shae shows up, but Tyrion tells her she has to leave. However, instead of telling her she is about to get caught, Tyrion sends her away Harry and the Hendersons style by telling her she means nothing to him. There is no way this is not going to come back to bite Tyrion in the ass…

- The wedding itself was filled with moments that I loved. Jaime and Loras Tyrell finally meet up, and I’m fairly confident Jaime is going to mess Loras up in future episodes. Oberyn Martell is continuing his streak of being a badass who wants revenge on the Lannisters and eye banging anyone he fancies (Loras in this case). Olenna and Tywin continue to have some of my favorite conversations on the show, and we are reminded the kingdom is in debt to the Iron Bank of Braavos, and they do not forget about people who owe them money.

- The lead up to Joffrey’s death (I can’t write that without smiling) was a refresher in why this punk needed to die. First, he destroys the book Tyrion got him as a gift, then he names the sword he used to do so. He’s even worse at the wedding. He throws money at musicians because they bore him, pays people to be attack Dontos the Fool, and he is even worse to Tyrion. He arranges a show with little people to torment him, along with just about everybody at the wedding. He pours wine on Tyrion’s head, forces him to be his cupbearer, and just in general cranks his awfulness up to 11. If this were your first episode ever, you would have seen all you needed to be happy that Joffrey is dead.

- Random thought: I have no idea how long those doves were in that cake, but I guarantee that they crapped all over it.

- Favorite moment: Do I even have to say it?

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