By Seth Miller
Staff Writer, Part-Time Ninja

Jesus, when things go bad on this show, they go really bad.  It starts with the zombie rampage in Cell Block D. Then they have to quarantine some of the survivors, and then the fence almost breaks. Rick has to sacrifice the pigs to lure the zombies away from the fence, and then the quarantined survivors are killed and set on fire. To top everything off, there is a saboteur in the prison. These people cannot catch a break. I wonder how far this quarantine will go. What are they going to do if the plague gets worse???

-In terms of the saboteur, I think there can be only two scenarios. One is that the saboteur is someone who is still loyal to the Governor. The other is that someone has gone crazy. I find the latter to be more believable, given the fact that the people from Woodbury came to the prison because the Governor went crazy and killed so many of his own people.

- So Rick picks up his six-shooter again and give Carl back his gun. All the talk about people being the best defense against zombies was true. But for Rick it also means having one more person around to deal with things that he would have handled, were he still in charge. But when he had to slaughter the pigs to lure the walkers away, the idea that he could be a simple farmer disappeared. The question now is whether this means the return of the Ricktatorship, or will Rick work with the prison council?

- I was apprehensive about Carl getting his gun back. Rick has been working to prevent Carl from becoming someone like the Governor, and it seems Carl has made progress. But I think part of the reason Rick gave Carl his gun back is because Carl seemed reluctant to shoot a walker in order to save Michonne. This doesn’t seem like the Carl we’ve known the past few seasons. It makes sense for him to have a gun given the virus going around, but I don’t think he has made a complete 180 from where he was at the end of last season.

- We get some more hints about Michonne’s backstory, which seems to be taking a slightly different route than what we readers of the comics have seen. Danai Gurira really sold this scene but my favorite part was baby Judith. When Michonne started crying, Judith stared at her with a look that seemed to say: “Beth, get me away from this crazy lady!”

- Carol is back on mom duty again, as she takes care of two girls whose father has died. At first she seemed to be doing pretty well. But then she criticized Lizzie for being unable to kill her dad, even though she told them they didn’t have to do it. I get tough love, but you shouldn’t do it when the person you’re chastising wasn’t able to do something they supposedly didn’t have to do. But some tough love was needed though when Lizzie started to get upset the zombie named “Nick” was dead. In the end, Lizzie seemed to come around. So it seems Carol’s tough love philosophy is working.

- God damn it, Carl! Carol is teaching those kids valuable skills to survive the apocalypse and you ratted her out to Rick.  What the hell?!?

-“Zombie apocalypse really sucks” moment of the week: The fact that a flu plague is breaking out and there is no medical infrastructure to fight it.

- Zombie Kill of the Week: Daryl firing a crossbow bolt that misses the bars of a cell door and lands in Patrick’s head.

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