By Rob Siebert
Editor, Fanboy Wonder

Thoughts From Raw:

- Quote of the night: “BALLOONS! I WANT BALLOONS! BALLOONS!!!! BALLOONS!!!!”

- As much as CM Punk and Paul Heyman were milking the whole thing for heat, obviously to be WWE Champion for a year is no small accomplishment in this day and age. It speaks volumes in terms of how good Punk is, both in the ring and on the mic. WWE creative also deserves a lot of credit for being willing to stick with Punk for such a long time. Their patience has paid off. The WWE Championship means more now than it has in years, because we have a champion who is talented and credible enough to elevate it to what it deserves to be.

- Heyman’s remark about fans longing for the Attitude Era hit home a little bit didn’t it? I’m sure a lot of the fans who bashed WWE for making an angle out of Jerry Lawler’s heart attack (and I was one of them) are the same ones who always long for that era. He’s not entirely right, but he’s certainly not wrong. But kudos to him for nipping double standards in the butt.

- Has John Cena ever had an on screen romance before? I don’t think he has. When the PG era started, he turned into this ultra-safe asexual G.I. Joe character whose only missions in life were to beat the bad guys and win the WWE Championship. One of the reasons his feud with the Rock was so great was because we finally got to see him break away from that black and white character and show a little bit of humanity. I’m not necessarily looking to see that from this story with AJ. But if it shows us a different side of Cena, I’ll consider it a success. So much has already been done with him, and they don’t look like they’ll be slowing down any time soon. If we can give him something interesting to do before he (presumably) starts a new program with the Rock, that’s all the better.

- Not much to say about the appearance of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns at this point. I’m waiting to see what comes of this. It should be noted, however, that Rollins and Ambrose both have extensive independant wrestling backgrounds, just like Punk does.

- Titus O’Neil definitely broke out a little bit on commentary, cracking Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler up the way he was. But I can’t help but wonder how the wrestlers in the ring feel when stuff like that happens. Cole and Lawler are supposed to be playing them up, and talking about the match. Instead they’re sitting there cracking jokes at one another’s expense. I’m not saying I wasn’t cracking up myself, but still. I did feel bad for Darren Young, though. He clearly didn’t know what to say toward the end there.

- Second best quote of the night: “Layla, leave me the hell alone.” Every time she talks, my ears just cry.

- Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio were incredibly smooth during the third portion of their two out of three falls match. Particularly when Del Rio had the advantage, and Orton suckered him into his second rope DDT. Great stuff. Along the same lines, Ricardo Rodriguez really should ahve taken Cody Rhodes’ spot in that Survivor Series match. He’s more interesting than David Otunga could ever be.

- Did Ryback shout “I did it!” as he was holding Tensai on his shoulders? I wonder why

- Really solid match between Kofi Kingston and Wade Barrett. I’m disappointed that they had to resort to the same old trick of having somebody pin the champion to get a title shot. But I liked Barrett going for the eye. It played up Barrett’s character well.

- “CM Punk must be carrying a rabbit’s foot.” You’re hip as hell, Cole. Do people still carry rabbits’ feet?

- When Matt Striker walked on screen with that handlebar mustache, I literally went: “Good  lord!” How douchey can one man be?

- If you ask me, all R-Truth’s talk about “reconnecting with all the Little Jimmies around the world” sounded extremely creepy.

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