By Rob Siebert
Editor, Fanboy Wonder

Thoughts From Raw:

- When it comes to WWE, everybody’s personal life is fair game. If you don’t believe me, just ask Jerry Lawler.

On Monday’s Raw, we saw Jerry “The King” Lawler return to the announce position after suffering a near fatal heart attack on live TV several weeks ago. We saw a dramatic video package akin to the stuff WWE normally puts together for storylines. It included footage from the show Lawler went down during, as well as backstage footage of paramedics performing CPR, saying things like: “Jerry, can you hear me? Talk to me, Jerry!” It was extremely…surreal. Then we got to Lawler’s in-ring return, which was interrupted by CM Punk, who proceeded to cut a scathing promo about Lawler’s heart attack, punctuated by Paul Heyman faking a cardiac episode in the middle of the ring.

We’ve seen WWE do things like this before. The day after Brian Pillman died, Vince McMahon interviewed his widow live via satellite. A few months after Eddie Guerrero died, WWE incorporated it into an on-air feud. They turned Jim Ross’ colon cancer into a horrible attempt at comedy. Obviously, all parties involved have to agree to this kind of thing. In all fairness, Vince McMahon isn’t shy about putting his own dirty laundry out there.

But it’s still in really bad taste. This man literally had a heart attack live on Raw. And now it’s a storyline just like everything else.

And that’s all I’ve got to say about that. Maybe I’ve on my soap box a little too much lately, so I’ll just stop right there.

- Speaking of the line between fantasy and reality, WWE tends to shoot themselves in the foot with the timing of some of the graphics they use. There are times when they can easily kill the audience’s suspension of disbelief. There was a perfect example on this week’s Raw. In the fantasy world of WWE, we’re supposed to believe that all the pre-taped backstage segments are happening live, right? So during one such segment, Mick Foley tells the Miz that he’s now in contention to be chosen by WWE fans as the newest member of his Survivor Series team. Then, immediately following the segment, we cut to a graphic that features Miz and the other two contenders. I realize I’m nitpicking here. But if all of this is supposed to be happening live, then how does the WWE graphics throw the Miz into an image so fast? Just wait a minute or two, that’s all I’m saying.

- Incidentally, Foley was wearing green flannel tonight! How about that? The classic Foley red flannel got a night off.

- On the upside of the blurred fantasy/reality line, Dolph Ziggler’s line about Cena wearing his gear on his date with AJ was great. However, it would later be topped by Foley’s line to him: “Amy Schumer says hi.” They dated. Look it up.

- How awesome was Tyson Kidd’s neckbreaker off the top rope tonight? I’m telling you, let’s give this guy an Evan Bourne style push!

- Why are we still doing this angle about who attacked Kaitlyn? I didn’t care before, why would I care a month and a half later? That match between Kaitlyn and Layla was also so damn short that it built absolutely no tension toward the Survivor Series title match.

- I’m interested in where this Brad Maddox angle goes, if anywhere. His promo last week was pretty flat, but it was his first solo mic work on live television. We’ll cut him a break. Plus, he looked better this week. Only one question remains…is he the long lost son of Eric Bischoff? Seriously, look at photos of Bischoff from the ’90s. It’s not impossible…

- I don’t know how Kofi Kingston doesn’t break his neck every time he hits that S.O.S. move. He looked like he was close on Raw.

- Wasn’t Rosa Mendes already aligned with Alberto Del Rio at one point? I think it was very, very briefly during his first year. Literally just a week or two. Still, it’s good to see they’re finally giving her something to do. For me, the Primo & Epico team died last week when they lost to Zack Ryder and Santino Marella. Personally, I’d like to see a mini-rivalry develop between Rosa and Ricardo Rodriguez. Have them fight for Del Rio’s approval, etc.

- So a full on punch from the Big Show is supposed to be the most impactful thing in the world, right? So why is it that he was able to punch William Regal in the ribs seven times without Regal going down? Yes, I know I’m the only one who pays attention to this stuff. By the way, those welts on Regal’s chest were brutal. Welcome back to the ring, sunshine.

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