Will Lex Luthor Join the Suicide Squad?

Lex Luthor may soon be joining the Suicide Squad…at least in the DC Cinematic Universe. Luthor’s relationship to the Suicide Squad remains a mystery. But the premise for the film sees various supervillains recruited by the government for black op missions. Luthor’s relationship to the Suicide Squad…

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A Batman: Gordon of Gotham Review – Tales from the Nasty ’90s

I’m pretty sure that there is exactly one reason that the name of the third story included in this trade paperback was used as the collection’s title. Calling it Gordon of Gotham makes the most sense for one reason and one reason only: Marketing.

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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Personal Hardships, and Letting It Slide

In the last several weeks, the latest viral internet craze, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, has resulted in an massive outpouring of donations to a more than worthy cause, and a flurry of mildly amusing YouTube videos to boot. In terms of internet trends, it’s actually rather…well, cool and refreshing!

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