The Red Hood Lives in Batman: Arkham Knight
The Red Hood, Gamestop Exclusive

Jason Todd, a.k.a. The Red Hood, may be making his debut in the “Arkhamverse” next year. American gamers who order Batman: Arkham Knight via Gamestop will have access to exclusive character missions featuring the character, in addition to the ones already announced…

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A Teen Titans #1 Review – Missed Opportunities

Teen Titans #1 was DC’s chance to take a series that had fallen on its butt since the New 52 began, and take it in an entirely new direction. There were so many ways the company could have taken this book about teenage superheroes…

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Blatant Insubordination: Podcasts, Snooki, and Noise

I like podcasts a lot, and find myself listening to them as often as I can. I think they appeal to my secret desire to be a radio personality of some sort, and “perform” on the air. And hey, never say never. For awhile, I actually considered doing one here at PI. But it’s a hell of a lot less likely now. My favorite resource for podcasts is…

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