Ben Affleck Talks Batman’s Anger

Can Ben Affleck relate to a character like Batman? Apparently, the answer is yes. In a recent interview with The Sunday Times, Affleck talked about how he himself deals with anger, and how it’s helped him in playing the role of Batman. Affleck’s first go-around as the Caped Crusader…

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John Cena and Paul Heyman Sell the PPV, and Other Ponderings From WWE Raw

I wasn’t as thrilled with this segment as a lot of other people were. Mick Foley even took to Twitter and called it “Quite simply one of the greatest interviews ever!” Respectfully, I disagree. It had nothing to do with either man’s performance. It’s just that we’ve seen this segment before.

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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Personal Hardships, and Letting It Slide

In the last several weeks, the latest viral internet craze, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, has resulted in an massive outpouring of donations to a more than worthy cause, and a flurry of mildly amusing YouTube videos to boot. In terms of internet trends, it’s actually rather..well, cool and refreshing!

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